4 Steps to success


1. Product positioning

If you would first clarify the following questions for yourself as far as possible, you could shorten the development period immensely.

  • In which market would you like to place the products?
  • What price level are you striving for?
  • What purchase prices and quantities are you considering?
    • This is very important as we can match these appropriately with the the best possible ingredients and select the packaging accordingly.
  • Where should the products be sold (internet, studios, retail sector,…)
  • What type of products do you envisage (cream, spray, lotion, mask,…)?
  • Product orientation (skincare, wellness, dermaceutical, dermatological/medical,…)
  • How big should your range be?
  • Rough idea of type of design (exclusive, medical, medium-priced, low-priced, special colour requests,…)

It is not necessary to present a finished concept, but a clear idea would be helpful, so that the next step is as effective as possible. If you wish, we would be happy to send you our suggestions for this.


2. Personal discussion with us in Philippsburg

A personal discussion is one of the most important guarantees for success.

  • In a personal discussion we can understand your needs and expectations quicker and more effectively, and implement them in the subsequent stages.
  • You receive a better understanding of our company
  • A wide selection of possible packaging and formulations can be shown and touched on site
  • In a joint discussion, it is easier for the questions under point 1 to be analysed with more accuracy and answered together

Target:     Development specification – this merely calls for a clear definition of the key points so that we can begin development work on that basis.


3. Development

Based on the development specification, we would prepare for you

  • The formulation
  • A packaging suggestion
  • The offer

And we would provide you with samples of the products.


4. Ihre Freigabe und Bestellung

Sagt Ihnen einer unserer Vorschläge zu, erfolgt die Bestellung. Haben Sie Änderungswünsche wiederholt sich Punkt 3.