Ultrasonic Beauty Light

Professional home care to increase YOUR turnover!


We offer you a professional manual ultrasound device especially for home beauty care and to supplement treatment in the salon. This incorporates two tried-and-tested methods that have been combined here: photon or light, and ultrasonic functions (3 MHz).

The unique system of the CNC Ultrasonic Beauty Light combines these functions and in this way ensures the positive effects of both these methods:

The skin’s own production of collagen and elastin is increased and valuable active ingredients penetrate unhindered into the skin tissue, e.g. in order to achieve a firming and regenerating effect.

The different (colour) wavelengths of the photon function are known to have a positive effect on the skin.

In combination with Hyaluron Forte Serum and additional home care products that are matched to the treatment goals, you can achieve extremely positive results with the Ultrasonic Beauty Light so that the quick success of this treatment is visible to your customers!

Naturally we also provide you with valuable tips, summarized as a „sell-out concept“.