Basic Seminar

The trend towards dermaceutical anti-aging skincare and the treatment of problem skin has in the meantime become a „must have“ in every salon. Customers‘ needs have become more demanding over time and as a result demands on the beautician have also increased. Sound background knowledge of the product range used on the customer has in the meantime become indispensable. A positive experience with best results is the motto.

At the CNC basic seminar you will receive qualified know-how on the individual products, as well as the composition of their active ingredients and their result-oriented use on the customer.

This professional CNC basic seminar enables you to offer your customers highly effective, solution-oriented anti-aging and problem skin treatments with sustainable results.


  • Intensive training on the individual products and their use
  • Knowledge on active substances
  • Practical tips
  • Marketing tips
  • Practical training: Diamond Microdermabrasion, Mesoporation, Micro Needling and coldPLASMA in combination with CNC’s special dermaceutical skincare products