Combining active ingredient cosmetics with appliance-based concepts was the actual key to success.

With its dermaceutical skincare concept in 2003 that included fruit acid treatment, CNC was one of the first brands to offer beauticians problem solutions under the motto “a positive experience with good results”.

CNC offers its customers professional advice and support all over Germany by a field service team that is made up exclusively of beauticians. Both sides profit from this, because the suggestions put forward by these professionals from the salons benefit the company by helping to optimize and expand existing products and series in cooperation with its research and development laboratories.

Interview with Mr Rolf Hofheinz
on the occasion of CNC’s 30th anniversary


Mr Hofheinz, The company’s history began in Philippsburg, Baden, in 1986 – 30 years CNC – What were the company’s highlights for you personally, what do you particularly remember with pride?

A highlight in our company’s history so far was certainly the first distribution agreement abroad in 1992 – it was an important step towards expansion. In addition, the great interest by international beauticians up until now shows that we have our finger firmly on the pulse of the times. An additional highlight was then the launch of the dermaceutical skincare lines aesthetic world and aesthetic pharm 10 years later. The fact that already in those days we were moving in the direction of treating cosmetic problems, has also proved to be the right decision, because every customer that goes to a beautician, primarily has a problem that she would like to have solved.

If one looks back, CNC was one of the first brands to implement this trend. Effective treatment concepts in the field of dermaceutical skincare can be extremely well complemented by the use of technical devices. That is why the launch of diamond microdermabrasion, mesoporation and electric muscle stimulation were also an additional milestone. By the way, our brand-new needling concept warms the hearts of result-oriented beauticians with just as much enthusiasm! We are very pleased about that.

How has the branch changed and developed during that time?

In my opinion, in former times you went to a beautician for example for relaxation too. You wanted to be pampered, and massages were very popular – the wellness trend began.

Nowadays it is rather more usual that the customer would not only like to relax but also definitely wants to see a result! She wants to look fresher and younger when she leaves the salon – and at least have one wrinkle less.

What is particularly important to you when dealing with your customers?

It is particularly important that our customers have confidence in our ideas, in our products and treatment concepts. And naturally also in us. By involving our customers and actually listening to their everyday experiences in the salon, we develop a relationship based on trust. In addition, it is important for us to provide our beauticians with advice at “eye level”. With “eye level”, I mean that our entire sales team consists of qualified beauticians, who know what their customers are talking about. Understand and be understood – that is absolutely essential for us in our dealings with one another.

This is why we carried out our “celebration days” in 6 large cities already at the beginning of this year. Top-class speakers talked about fascinating topics and future developments. These “celebration days” confirmed (once again) how important it is to exchange information with clients and include them in our considerations.

Providing service support to beauticians – what does that mean to you?

The example we set in the company is also what we practice in our everyday lives. Our business enterprise CNC does not consist of a collection of lone fighters but a fantastic team. Our beauticians also belong to our team. Based on their practical experience we generate a lot of know-how when developing new concepts in the product and treatment area. Many of our new products and product range extensions have come about due to the advice and exchange of ideas with our beauticians. That is why it is not difficult for us either, to offer them the service that they expect – it goes without saying for us. After all, it does not bring much to bypass the market and develop marketing or sales activities that nobody out there needs or understands.

What do you wish for the future – for yourself and for the industry?

I hope that we all continue to be a successful part of the professional cosmetics field and that we do not lose our instinct for the right way forward. I hope this sector remains an indispensable part of the life of a woman, and that she continues to remain open for new concepts, e.g. based on medical findings. Stagnation means to go backwards. And we certainly do not need this in salon beauty care.